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Conferences in BRISTOL Hotel

We provide a full service in the organization of conferences, training courses, or banquets –our experience will satisfy the needs of any organizers. We always try keep up with your expectations. BRISTOL Hotel guarantees a freedom in choosing the right hall to a specific type of meetings and events - from several to more than 300 people. A wide range of comfortable rooms makes it possible to organizing a multi-day conference in the city center. All halls have modern equipment, enabling professional meetings. Comfortable, elegant and air-conditioned interiors promotes both private and official meetings. An experienced team will help you in choosing the menu lunch breaks or coffee and the organization of a free time. Most halls have direct exit for outside, which makes it possible to organize coffee break out of the hall.

Why we ?

We are enjoyed that you are interested in our offer. We are confident that our experience in the organization of conferences, training courses and banquets contribute to the satisfaction with the results achieved . Summing up:

  • supported by professionals involved and willing to take on new challenges. We will arrange a meeting that you will be proud of.
  • we take care of trainers - we know that their work is a big responsibility, so you will feel comfortable. 
  • we offer the best value quality to money.
  • perfect access to the hotel.
  • wireless Internet access in the whole building.




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